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Company's existing 34 product number, more than 100 quality regulation, annual production capacity tablets 2 billion tablets, 200 million capsules, external lotion 50 million bottles, 2.5 tons of raw materials. The main product products are...

Custom Synthesis

A marketing mix tailored to individual needs to meet the specific needs of each customer. The modern custom marketing differs from the previous handwork custom, the custom marketing is in the simple large-scale production cannot satisfy the ...


Shandong Luxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, founded in 1990, is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise specialized in the development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients( APIs) and pharmaceutical finished dosage forms ( FDFs). Our company keeps the enterprise tenet of “benefiting the people and strive for continuous improvement” and the core value of “quality first and scientific development”.
Our company is located in Heze City in Shandong Province, which covers an area of 90,000 square meters and has over 300 employees. And there is convenient transportation, long history, gorgeous culture and deep deposit. Restructured by Harbin Pharmaceutical Group and Luxi Pharmaceutical in March 2009, new investment was poured to strengthen the APIs development and production. We are now one of the leading producers of Polymyxin B sulfate, Flavoxate Hcl in China. Other items, like Rosuvastatin Calcium, Amantadine Hydrochloride are also in commercial production in our company. Productions are carried out under GMP conditions and DMF is available for all the products.

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