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Luxi pharmaceutical R & D center aims to provide technical support for the development of the company, and enhance its market competitiveness and development potential. At the same time, we should carry out technical activities such as technology development, technical consultation, technology transfer and technical service, enhance innovation ability, promote industrial technology progress and upgrade industrial structure, and improve the level of research and development.
We adhere to the principle of independent development, the coexistence of production, school and research cooperation, the improvement of innovation ability and the cultivation of high quality scientific research personnel, the industrialization of science and technology, the development of more high-tech products to meet the requirements of the market, the production of a generation, the reserve generation, the development of a generation, and the advancement of science and technology in enterprises and industries. The leader of the industry.
Leading scientific research strength, first-class star products, strict production quality control process, professional technical support and after-sales service, global coverage of the market and sales network, Shandong Pharmaceutical industry has been well known by domestic and foreign well-known pharmaceutical enterprises, multinational companies good praise and trust.
In the future, focusing on human health, Shandong Luxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will synchronize with the times, go with the world and develop with the cause of human health. With the awe of life and the unremitting pursuit of science, we will move forward to the distance of the times.

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